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The Hammer crashes down

Rants, muses, and other drudgery

27 January
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Well, let's see...there's SO much to tell about myself that I hardly know where to begin. I guess my first real memory was being accepted into the Juliard School of Performing Arts at age 3 as a tambourine prodigy. Man, could I shake that thing! Other highlights include my 3rd Nobel Peace Prize (because the first 2 COULD have just been flukes); my 2nd place finish in the Lumberjack Skills Competition (I'll beat you next year Lars Ulrichson!); and of course, my Best Male Performance in a Pornographic film award. It's always nice to be recognized by your peers.

It's absolutely FLOORING how much can change. I last looked at this page more than ten years ago. Everything is different. I went through the loss of pets, the birth of my two sons, the closing of my factory, a new job (for 10 years now), a divorce, getting my own place, single life, the loss of my last grandmother and my father, a long-distance engagement, the dissolution of the above, new love, cohabitation, a surprising late life gift of a daughter, and here I am! I highly doubt that I will have time to ever update this, but the person my old bio described didn't exist anymore.

I work in a factory, (not really sure WHAT happened there!)I love playing video games, reading fantasy novels, reading comic books, watching pro wrasslin':-P, riding my mountain bike, and collecting the odd action figure as space and money allow. Yes, I AM an Uber-Dork!